Welcome to Pigeon Prints, my humble collection of handmade printables for all you penpallers out there!

Here, mail isn't delivered by snails ~ the birds make sure your letters and packages get to where they're going.

All the .pdf files are free to download, copy, reproduce, et cetera. You'll find tools to help you stay organized, and goodies to send off into the world.

Have a look around, and if you have any comments, ideas, or requests ~ feel free to drop me a line... by e-mail, this time.

Includes: Cute envelope-shaped checkboxes for *sent* mail and a second page for additional mail. I write down everything BEFORE I even start writing, so I don't forget anyone!

Tracker - Outgoing1.pdf

Includes: Spaces for recording basic info about pen pals and a tracker for incoming and outgoing mail. Can be used as a whole sheet (landscape) or folded in half as two mini sheets.

Tracker - PenPal+Corr.pdf

Includes: Four tags per page w/ check boxes for type of mail. Ideal for members of swapping communities.

Tag - Ripped.pdf

Includes: "circle-it"-style selector for random acts of kindness, swaps, and tags. Great for communities who participate in these mail activities.

Tag - Woodland.pdf

I also have some older tags in a different style. You're welcome to check these out and use them if you'd like. They are all .pdf files.

polaroid | whimsy | snail

The Monster Ducky - a zine press and host of the Mail Art Club, a pen pal network, and even a mix tape club. I've recently joined the club (although I've been following TMD on Instagram forever), so I'll need to report back with my findings! So far, I'm intrigued - as a huge zinester, the vibe is right up my alley.

Postcrossing - a community centered around trading postcards all around the world. It's a pretty cool system. You start with up to five postcards (or rather, five addresses to send postcards to). Each postcard has a unique number to be written on the back. This number is entered into the website by the recipient, once their card arrives. The best part? Once you become active, you can see how many total miles your cards have traveled!

Don't be afraid to send me links to other sites serving the "snail" mail community (sorry birdies). Also.. if you feel so inclined, you're welcome to link back with this banner:

Thanks for stopping by! Check back often, I'll be adding new items as I create them.